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    Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Do Not Disturb and Do Not Be Disturbed

    All electric or electronic devices transmit and also receive electromagnetic waves that can potentially cause interferences with other electronic or electrical equipment. At some point or another, we have all heard the crackle of radio interference or seen the stripes that interfere with television transmissions. To prevent this, electric devices have to be adhere to EMC guidelines and must carry the CE mark. Devices with an electrical energy source must comply with the European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive 2014/30/EU. They must neither interfere with the operation of other products nor be affected themselves by external interference. We offer a flexible, competent service to help you meet the requirements of this directive.

    Product Examples

    •  Alarm systems

    •  Household appliances and recreational products

    •  Industrial machines

    •  IT equipment

    •  Car accessory parts

    •  Components

    •  Lab equipment

    •  Lighting

    •  Medical products