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    EU EN71

    EN71 is a set of European Product Safety standard that applies to all toys sold in the European Union. EN 71, which is also a part of the CE directive, has been put in place to ensure that all toys sold in the EU meet certain minimum safety standards on the following factors:



    Flame retardance

    Chemical composition

    Electrical Safety



    Product safety is always a big deal, but even more so when it regards products that are (exclusively or not) used by children. In order to make things a bit more complicated, the EN 71 directive is not made up of only one part, but thirteen:

    EN 71-1: Mechanical and physical properties

    EN 71-2: Flammability

    EN 71-3: Specification for migration of certain elements

    EN 71-4: Experimental sets for chemistry and related activities

    EN 71-5: Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets

    EN 71-6: Graphical symbols for age warning labelling

    EN 71-7: Finger paints

    EN 71-8: Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use

    EN 71-9: Organic chemical compounds – Requirement

    EN 71-10: Organic chemical compounds – Sample preparation and extraction

    EN 71-11: Organic chemical compounds – Methods of analysis

    EN 71-12: N-Nitrosamines and N-Nitrosatable Substances

    EN 71-13: Olfactory board games, cosmetic kits and gustative games

    The number of EN 71 parts that apply to a certain product depends on the products nature.