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    Eco labelling directive


    The Ecodesign directive (2009/125/EC) replaced the Energy Using Products Directive in 2009

    Includes products that do not use energy but impact on energy consumption, such as insulation materials and water-using devices, as well as energy using products.

    Aims to reduce the environmental impact caused during the manufacture, use and disposal of a very wide range of products.

    It has the potential to apply to most energy using and energy related products (except vehicles for transport).

    The Ecodesign Directive is a framework directive only, therefore, supporting legislation is required. The directive contains general requirements and lays out a standard format and rules for specific Implementing Measures to be created for a specific product group or function.

    Manufacturers and importers are required to ensure their products meet the requirements of the Ecodesign directive and any Implementing Measures that apply to their products.

    Note: Implementing Measures are laws created at European Level. They take immediate effect in all member states without a transcription process.


    The Directive has the potential to apply to most energy using and energy related products (except vehicles for transport), and covers all energy sources. However, as the Directive is only a framework directive, there is nothing for products to actually be designed in accordance with until specific implementing measures are published for them. As with other CE marking directives, it applies to all products placed on the EU market and to imported products.

    The following products have had implementing measures adopted and are covered by the new Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC):

    Air conditioners




    Electric motors


    Lamps (directional and LED)

    Lamps (household)

    Lamps (Fluorescent)

    Power supplies

    Refrigerating appliances

    Set-top boxes

    Standby and off mode


    Tumble driers

    Vacuum cleaners

    Washer-driers (combined)

    Washing machines

    Water pumps