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    Blue Angel

    The Blue Angel is a voluntary German certification for products and services that are environmentally friendly and low in emissions. It is the world’s oldest eco-label. Though governed by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, the criteria are set by the German Federal Environmental Agency. It was developed through a hearing process involving expert representatives from economy, industry and consumer and environmental associations.

    Each label specifies that the product or service focuses on one of four different protection goals: health, climate, water, and resources.

    The basic prerequisites for attaining this environmental label are the absence of carcinogens and a particularly low level of emissions of organic substances and formaldehyde.

    Further criteria for meeting the Blue Angel are:

    • No chlorinated or halogenated organic compounds.

    • No N-nitrosamines (carcinogenic).

    • No raw materials rated as poisonous or very poisonous by EU directives or the German Toxic Substances Act.

    • No substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, hazardous to reproduction or embryo toxic.

    • No phthalates (plasticizers).

    •Compliance with the quality requirements for the usability of floor coverings.

    Blue Angel labels exist for 80 product categories with 3,700 products and services of 800 companies. 


    The Blue Angel Standard is managed by four entities:

    1.The Environmental Label Jury is an independent decision-making body composed of representatives from environmental and consumer associations, trade unions, industry, trade, crafts, local authorities, science, media, churches and federal states.

    2.The Federal Ministry for the Environment Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety is the owner of the label. It regularly informs the public about the decisions of the Environmental Label Jury.

    3. The Federal Environment Agency with its “Eco-labelling, Eco-declaration and Eco-procurement” department acts as office of the Environmental Label Jury and develops the technical criteria of the Basic Award Criteria for the Blue Angel.

    4.RAL gGmbH is the label-awarding agency.


    The Blue Angel promotes the concerns of both environmental protection and consumer protection. Therefore it is awarded to products and services which are particularly beneficial for the environment in an all-round consideration and which also fulfill high standards of occupational health and safety and fitness for use.


    Conformity assessment 

    Conformity with Blue Angel's standard is verified by an independent organization (third party) following ISO17011 Accreditation, ISO / IEC Guide 65 Product Certification

    Applicants are certified against the ecolabels’s criteria before using the label